Five years ago, the Walter* family bought themselves a JURA automatic machine and since then have been using a J5 to make their coffee specialities. It’s probably time the machine had an overhaul, thought Bettina Walter to herself, so without further ado took it to the Glass Service Centre at JURA headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. She had already heard a lot about it and now wants to see it for herself.

Her first impression is a positive one. There are parking spaces directly in front of the building and, using one of the practical trolleys, the automatic machine virtually transports itself. The glass door opens to reveal a spacious, light-flooded industrial space. A member of the service team gives the customer a friendly welcome. For Bettina, it almost feels like a five-star hotel. There is transparency whichever way you look. Through an giant glass wall, we can see straight through into the service area, where various work groups are concentrating on their assignments. A dark hardwood floor radiates warmth. The architecture and fittings are functional and of high quality, entirely in keeping with the design of the Swiss upper-market brand.

Machine diagnosis with the customer

The service specialist accompanies Bettina to one of the three diagnostic cubicles. ‘Can I get you a cup of coffee?’ he asks attentively. ‘Oh, please. An espresso would be perfect.’ With a few practised movements, the specialist opens the automatic machine and connects it up to a computer. A few seconds later, the most vital parameters appear on the screen. The family has made more than 9000 coffee specialities. The machine has been cleaned promptly at the touch of a button and also descaled whenever necessary. After the service the technician suggests, everything will be perfect again. Bettina is given a binding cost estimate, agrees that it is in order and finds the sum perfectly acceptable. But there is one more important recommendation: ‘Do you know our CLARIS water filter? ’The customer shakes her head. ‘Limescale is the main cause of unpleasant flavours and faults,’ explains the expert. ‘CLARIS is placed directly into the water tank and supplies the best possible water for a perfect coffee by filtering out lime, chlorine and heavy metals.’ ‘Thanks for the tip,’ says the customer, ‘I’ll certainly give it a try.’

A wealth of expertise and years of experience

For once, the customer is no longer separated from the action by a glass panel but up close for the service procedure. The technician tells her he has been working with the company for ten years, which in terms of service length puts him exactly in the middle. On average, employees in the service department have usually been working for the company for no fewer than 20 years. ‘Impressive,’ thinks Bettina. ‘So there’s an unmatched combination of experience and expertise.’ The technician nods and explains which components he is replacing. ‘What happens to the damaged parts,’ the customer asks. ‘At JURA, we attach a lot of importance to sustainability. And that is why components are processed to look like new and then re-used in service. ‘Only the parts that can’t be re-used are sorted into various types of raw materials and go to a specialized recycling company. Bettina Walter also discovers that the service section is organized along qualified work group lines. The approach increases both the quality of the work and the department’s flexibility. It makes it possible for customers to obtain two-hour, half-day or whole-day service without an appointment or additional charges. ‘We don’t want you missing out on your daily coffee, do we?’ says the technician, as he meticulously carries out the final inspection.

Wow, like brand-new!

After service, the automatic machines are lined up neatly in rows on an illuminated shelf for collection. They not only function like new but also look it. The display testifies to the high esteem the service team enjoys. Bettina Walter notices how her pulse has increased a little when she goes to pick up her J5. ‘Wow, it looks like new!’ is her immediate reaction. ‘Just the way it should be,’ says the JURA technician visibly pleased by the customer’s positive reaction. And he has another little surprise for her. He hands her a paper bag containing a pack of coffee from the company’s own roasting house and a CLARIS water filter, ‘so you can see for yourself what a difference it makes to the flavour of your coffee. Everything has been perfectly prepared for transport. And to ensure that nothing can go wrong, the service technician packs the machine in a practical carrier bag. ‘Can I take you to your car?’ ‘That would be nice, thank you.’

24/7 service contactable round the clock

On the way to the car he informs Ms Walter about another service offering: the 24/7 service. Customers can bring their machines in for service at night or over the weekend and then pick them up again. We’re always there for you, round the clock. And in the vending machine opposite you can find all our maintenance products, coffee from our own roasting house and even the odd item for your sweet tooth.’ The service technician carefully stows away the Walters’ J5 in the boot, says his goodbyes and wishes Bettina many more delicious coffee specialities from her machine. She drives away with the reassuring feeling of having chosen the right brand, because both products and service are right. And when the time comes for the Walters to consider buying another automatic machine, one thing is already clear: it will have to be one from JURA.


Images: Remo Buess